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Guidelines for Proceedings


  • Papers of all oral and poster presentations done by participants registered at EuroGard VIII will be accepted.
  • The paper would be as a normal scientific paper, with Abstract, Keywords, Introduction, Material and Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusion, Acknowledgments and References.
  • Each paper will be submitted to a referee(s), using the usual criteria for a manuscript submission.
  • The date for acceptance of complete papers is December 2019; the papers must be sent to
  • The papers will only be included in the EuroGard VIII proceedings after approval by the referee(s).
  • The publication of EuroGard VIII proceedings will be done before EuroGard IX, as soon as the reviewing process is ready.

Format of papers

The papers must be written in Microsoft Word, Calibri type of letter, space 1

The title of the paper must be in letter size 18, bold (like in Guidelines for Proceedings), to the left, separated of three spaces from

  • Name of the author(s) in letter 14 (like in GENERAL REQUIREMENTS), to the left, one space from
  • Affiliation of the author(s) in letter 12 (like in Format of papers) and postal address, to the left, without space from
  • Email address of the main author, in letter 11, to the left, one space from
  • An abstract (300-400 words), in letter 11, justified, one space from
  • 3-8 Keywords, which should not be repeated in the title, in letter 11, one space from
  • Introduction, and following, in letter 11, two columns, justified, one space from each subtitle.
  • Exemples of References:

Opdam P., Verboom J., Pouwels R. (2003) ‘Landscape cohesion: an index for the conservation potential of landscapes for biodiversity’. Landscape Ecology 18:113–126

Sustainable Sites Initiative (2104) Online: (accessed June 28, 2014)

  • The paper should have 10 pages maximum, including Figures and Tables. All the Figures and Tables must be mentioned in the text, as well as all the references.


  • Please use IS (International System of UNITS) system for the definition of the units

List of figure and tables attachments

  • You are responsible for obtaining the proper permissions for the use of copyright material. Include the filename for each attachment on a separate line. After each filename, provide the title that accompanies that figure, table or other attachment. Images and photographs should be submitted in JPEG format, resolution should not be less than 300 dpi – 2048 x 1536 pixels.
  • Example:
  • Figure 2.jpg
  • Figure 2: Pattern of urban sprawl