On behalf of the European Botanic Gardens Consortium, the University of Lisbon and Jardim Botânico da Ajuda (Botanic Garden of Ajuda) on the occasion of its 250th anniversary are delighted to invite you to participate in the 8th European Congress of Botanic Gardens – EuroGard VIII, that will be held in Lisbon, 7th-11th may 2018.

Under the theme “Botanic Gardens, People and Plants for a Sustainable World”, it is intended to address many of the issues to which Botanic Gardens are contributing, in particular raising public awareness of environmental conservation challenges that our planet faces.

Biodiversity conservation and regulations, and collaborations with developing countries or countries in economic transition, regarding the implementation of the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation, remain the main objectives of Botanic Gardens .

EuroGard VIII aims to bring together the participation of all Botanic Gardens in Europe and other regions such as North Africa, which together with the countries of Southern Europe, constitute one of the most important hotspots in the world – the Mediterranean Region.

Moreover, the 15th Symposium of the Ibero-Macaronesian Association of Botanic Gardens will take place at the same time, during which the aim is to assess the work carried out to meet the Aïchi Biodiversity Targets adopted by the Iberian-Macaronesian botanic gardens for 2020.